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For the kids



Bread and butter 2,75
Salad and fresh fruit 4,25
Tomato soup 3,00

Kid's pancake with a surprise: with

Sugar and syrup 5,60
Jam 5,90
Apple and raisins 6,30
Ice cream and chocolate sauce 6,30
Peach, cream and chocolate confetti 6,40
Fresh fruit 6,80
Cheese and ham 6,70
Bacon and apple 6,70
Salami and tomato 6,70

Kid's pancake with a big surprise and ice cream for dessert


French fries

Portion French fries 4,00
with croquette and applesauce 5,75
with frikandel ( minced-meat hot dog) and applesauce 5,75
with chicken nuggets and applesauce 5,95
with fish and applesauce €6,75
with sate and peanut sauce 6,75
with schnitzel and applesauce €7,00


Spaghetti with Bolognese sauce and grated cheese 6,85
Spaghetti with tomato sauce and grated cheese 6,75


Ice cream 3,25
Fresh fruit 3,75
Yogurt with fruit 3,00

Allergic to cow's milk or gluten? Enjoy your meal here! 


For adults



Assorted appetizers

Portion of Dutch bitterballen 4,75
Olives 3,25


Bread and herb butter 3,60
Bread and tapenade 3,60
Baguette with fried onions and mushrooms 5,10
Soup of the day 4,00
French onion soup 4,50
Fish soup 4,95
Pie with meat ragout 6,45


Salad of the house, big mixed main course salad 11,25
- as small salad 8,75
Zeeuwse salad, mixed main course salad with goat's cheese in puff paste, sprinkled with regional honey and black pepper 11,75
- as small salad 8,75
North sea salad, main course salad with coleslaw, and fruit de mer (seafruits)  12,25
- as small salad 9,00
Salad 'Domburg', main course salad with lettuce, tuna, onions, sweet pepper and cheese 11,00
- as small salad 8,25
Greek salad, main course salad with coleslaw, courgette, maize, olives, feta and fresh bread with herb butter 11,75
- as small salad 9,00
French salad, main course salad with coleslaw, french cheese, fruit, nuts and bread with herb butter 11,75
- as small salad 8,75
Vierwegen salad, mixed main course salad with fried chicken breast, maize, onions, pineapple and curry, served with bread and herb butter 12,25
- as small salad 9,25

Toasted sandwich

Toasted ham and cheese sandwich 4,00
Hawaï, with cheese and pineapple 4,00
Sicily, with cheese, salami, onoins and Italian herbs 4,25
Todrop, with cheese and tuna 4,25
Mondriaan, with cheese, ham, salami, onions and pineapple 4,35
Elout, with cheese, goat's cheese and honey 4,65


Cheese 7,00
Cheese, ham and pineapple 7,75
Cheese, salami, onions and tomato 7,75
Cheese, onoins, sweet pepper and mushrooms 7,75


Tuna, mushrooms, leek and onions 8,00


Plain omelette 8,25
with bacon 8,50
with mushrooms 8,50
Chef's choice 8,75

Uitsmijters, fried bacon and eggs served on a slice of bread

Plain uitsmijter 8,25
Ham and cheese 8,75


Spaghetti with Bolognese sauce and cheese 11,75
Spaghetti with salmon in cream sauce 12,75
Lasagna with bread and lettuce 12,95

Sweet pancakes

with sugar or syrup 6,45
with jam 6,95
with chocolate sauce 6,95
with ice cream and chocolate sauce 7,95
with ice cream and fresh fruit 9,95
with ice cream, warm forest fruits and bilberry sauce 9,95
with ice cream, warm forest fruits and cream 9,95
with raisins 6,95
with raisins, ice cream and ginger 9,95
with apple 7,65
with apple and raisins 8,65
with apple, honey and nuts 9,95
with apple, raisins, ginger and pineapple 9,45
with apple, pineapple and cream 9,95
with apple, ice cream and caramel sauce 9,95
with pineapple 6,95
with pineapple, banana, raisins and ginger 9,95
with pineapple, apple, icecream and black current sauce 9,95
with peach 6,95
with peach and chocolate sauce 7,95
with peach, pineapple, warm forest fruits and cream 10,45
with ginger 7,25
with ginger and apple 9,45
with ginger, apple and raisins 9,95
with ginger and ice cream 9,45
with ginger, apple, pineapple and ice cream 9,95
with banana €7,45
with banana, raisins and ice cream 8,65
with banana, coconut and chocolate sauce 8,65
with warm cherries 9,45
with warm cherries, ice cream and whipped cream 10,95
with warm cherries, apple, pineapple and peach 10,95

"Strong"pancake ( with liqueur)

with rum, raisins, ice cream and coconut 10,95
with advocaat (similar to eggnog) and banana 10,95
with Pisang Ambon (banana liquer), banana and honey 10,95
with advocaat (similar to eggnog), peach, ice cream and chocolate confetti 10,95
with liquer, warm forest fruits and ice cream 10,95

Super pancake

with bacon 8,75
with bacon, apple and cinnamon 9,55
with bacon, apple, raisins and cinnamon 9,95
with bacon, mushrooms, tomato and onions 10,45
with bacon, onions, mushrooms and egg 10,45
with bacon, cheese, mushrooms, tomato and onions 11,50
with bacon, cheese, onions, leek and pineapple 11,50
with bacon, cheese, courgette and pesto 11,50
with bacon, cheese, sweet pepper, onions and herb butter 11,50
with bacon and Dutch cheese 9,55
with Dutch cheese 8,55
with cheese, apple and ginger 9,95
with Dutch cheese, mushrooms and sweet pepper 9,95
with Dutch cheese, onions, mushrooms, leek and egg 10,45
with Dutch cheese, ham, mushrooms and sweet pepper 11,50

with Dutch cheese, ham and pineapple

with Dutch cheese, ham, bacon, onoins and Italian herbs 11,50
with ham 8,75
with ham and Dutch cheese 9,55
with ham, onions and mushrooms 9,95
with ham, salami, onions, oregano and pineapple 11,50
with ham, cheese, mushrooms and leek 11,50
filled with home-made ragout and lettuce 12,75

Fish pancake

with fried mussels, onions, sweet pepper, mushrooms, white wine and herb butter 13,25
with mixed sea fruit 13,25
with smoked salmon in cream sauce 13,75
with tuna, cheese, onions and olives 13,25

Pancakes of the world

Finnish pancake, with ham, onions, leek, spinach and goat's cheese 12,75
Dutch pancake, with gabbage, broccoli, carrots and cheese 12,00
Mexican pancke, with sweetcorn, onoins, red kidney beans, tomato, olives, salami, in hot sauce 12,50
Swedish pancake, with cheese, onions, sweet pepper, tomato, egg and spinach 12,50
Philippine pancake, with smoked bacon, goat's cheese and honey 12,00
Italian pancake, with Italian salami, cheese, onions, tomato and extra garlic 12,50
Greek pancake, with feta cheese, onions, courgette, sweetcorn, tomato , olives and oregano 12,50
Javan pancake, with chicken, curry, onoins, sweetcorn and pineapple 13,75
Balinese pancake, with pieces of chickenbreast, sweet pepper, courgette, onions and kidney beans, fried in herb butter 13,75
Spanish pancake, with cheese, salami, tomato and spinach 12,50
Norwegian pancake, with salmon in cream sauce 13,75
Israeli pancake, with spicy kebab and garlic sauce 13,25
Swiss pancake, with spinach, cheese, egg and cream 12,25
French pancake, with blue cheese, banana and walnut 12,25
Sicilian pancake, with sauce of minced meat, tomato, sweet pepper, pesto and Parmesan cheese 12,50
German pancake, with minced meat, smoked bacon, onions, beans and herbs 13,25
Portugese pancake, with minced meat, salami, onions, garlic, beans, courgette and cheese 13,25
Malaysian pancake, with meat and peanut sauce 13,75

Meat dishes, with bread or French fries and lettuce

Meat croquettes 9,50
Frikandels ( minced-meat hot dog) 9,50
Schnitzel 13,00
Schnitzel with gipsy sauce 13,75
Schnitzel with Hollandaise sauce 13,75
Schnitzel with fried onions and mushrooms 14,50
Schnitzel with cheese and pineapple 14,50
Saté (meat pieces with peanut sauce) 14,50
Kebab dish 13,50

Fish dishes, with bread or French fries and lettuce

Fishbowl 17,50
Fish dish, fried fish 17,50
Mussels, fried with onions, mushrooms, sweet pepper and white wine € 16,50
Fried haddock fillet 15,50


Coupe pistache, pistache ice cream with pistache nuts, sauce and whipped cream 7,50
Macaroonbowl, macaroon ice cream with delicious macaroons, whipped cream and a glass of Amaretto 7,50
Cherry surprise, refreshing ice cream with warm cherries and whipped cream 6,50
Nut express, walnut ice cream with different nuts and whipped cream 7,00
Raspberry layers, vanille ice cream, warm raspberries, rasberry sauce and whipped cream 7,00
Drunk sultan, vanilla ice cream with raisins drenched in liquer 6,50
Dame Blanche, vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream 6,00
Coupe pineapple, vanilla ice cream with pineapple and whipped cream 5,50
Wild Blackberry, vanilla ice cream with warm blackberries, whipped cream and a glass of blackberry liquer 7,50
Coupe Caramel, vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce and caramel cubes 6,00
Banana Royal, banana- and vanilla ice cream with banaan, chocolate sauce and whipped cream 6,50
Advocaat coupe, vanilla ice cream with advocaat (similar to eggnog) and whipped cream 6,00
Forest feast, vanilla ice cream with warm berries, whipped cream and some liquor 7,50
Cinnamon coupe, cinnamon ice cream with biscuit crumbles and whipped cream 6,00
Pêche Melba, vanilla ice cream with peaches, jelly and whipped cream 6,00
Sorbet 6,50
Vierwegen plate, different kinds of ice cream with fresh fruits, banana liquor, nuts and whipped cream 7,50
Yoghurt with fruits 4,50
Healthy plate, plate with different kinds of fresh fruits 5,50
Applestrudel 5,50
Kids ice cream, Smurfs ice cream 3,75
Kids ice cream, Smarties ice cream 3,75
Kids ice cream, ckrackling ice cream 3,75
Slush puppy (during season)